Carpenter Drilling

    Our main focus at Carpenter Drilling is specializing in core drilling; water well drilling and well maintenance, restoration and repair. Our goal is to apply the best tools available combined with our experience to successfully complete any challenge our clients put before us for the most cost effective rate. Click on the service links to the Left to learn about each.

    We focus on providing excellence in everything we do.

    We provide a wide array of services including:

    - Water well maintenance
    - Well restoration and cleaning
    - Monitoring wells
    - New well construction
    - Elevator shafts

    Preventative maintenances for your well is less costly in the long run and can keep small easily remedied problems from becoming large costly problems. Preventative maintenance is Key and Carpenter Drilling can help you set up a plan that will meet all of your well maintenance needs.

    Remember, chlorine can serve as an effective disinfectant only after debris and solid material have been removed from the well.

    Preventative maintenance is key.

    Carpenter Drilling can help you set up a plan that will include:

    - Setting up a well maintenance schedule
    - Creating a well maintenance log

    Restoring an existing well can cost a fraction of creating a new well. Depending on the size of the well, the well restoration process can restore water supply much quicker than boring a new hole.

    Our main focus in water well maintenance is to help our clients maintain their wells so that they can avoid costly repairs. It is a good business practice to always use a qualified driller for your drilling and maintenance needs.

    A qualified driller, has the proper equipment, material, and techniques to keep your drill in top working order and can keep you from unwittingly introducing bacteria or other contamination into your well.


    - Chemicalize screens inside wells to increase productivity.
    - Fish out airlines, pumps and other debris inside casing.
    - Pull out existing casing ranging from 6” to 16” in diameter.
    - Perforate casing to increase water flow, or to plug abandon wells.
    - Able to restore wells inside of existing structures.

    - 6" - 24" holes
    - Set surface for air rigs down to the basalt layer.
    - Newly created wells drilled down to the basalt layer.
    - Run liners for air rigs.
    - Set screens in alluvial wells.
    - Licensed in Washington, Oregon and Idaho

    - Clean out existing holes to increase productivity.
    - Including bridges and rocks that block off the aquifer layer.

    - Case elevator shafts for commercial and public buildings.

    - Well monitoring based on engineers specifications.
    - Licensed in Washington and Oregon