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    Mission: Our mission is to develop long-term relationships with our partners by providing the high quality drilling services. Carpenter Drilling is committed to providing safety, respect and trust in the workplace and exceptional customer service.

    Carpenter Drilling was founded in 1995 by a man determined to bring quality drilling services to Washington and Oregon. With over 30 years of experience in the drilling industry, we will be able to assist you with any of your well drilling needs.

    We have full seasoned drilling crews for well drilling jobs who work to minimize environmental impacts in order to reduce the amount of reclamation required during and at the end of a project.

    Our crew is:

    - Dependable
    - Detail-Oriented
    - Leaders
    - Problem Solvers
    - Able to tell when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong
    - Able to control precision
    - Critical Thinkers
    - Well-Organized and Proficient

  • FEBRUARY 27, 2012

    Carpenter Drilling was awarded a contract with a client in Lovelock, Nevada to drill 11 HQ diameter core holes ranging from 500 feet to 1500 ft. Total contract awarded amount was 7,090 feet. Actual drilled footage was 14,300 feet of core.

    “Carpenter drilling clearly surpassed the awarded number of total feet drilled by twice the contracted amount due to their competencies, efficiencies and abilities. We have enjoyed working with Carpenter Drilling and look forward to working with them again in the future.”
    - Client Lovelock, Nevada

    AUGUST 7, 2011

    Carpenter Drilling has been awarded project by CH2MHill to drill and sample 1 well in the 100-D-12 area.  This well will be used to monitor contamination within the vadose zone at 100D-12 area.  We are tasked to drill and construct this well to Hanford specific requirements.

    JULY 7, 2011

    Carpenter Drilling has teamed up with Cascade Drilling LP to perform the drilling and construction, and to support associated development and sampling activities of three wells.  Carpenter Drilling will provide equipment and methods capable of advancing 16 and 14-inch diameter cased borehole through unconsolidated and well cemented gravels, open matrix gravels, heaving sands, and massive silt beds to anticipated depths of no greater than 535 ft bgs.  Soil and groundwater samples will be extracted during drilling.

    JULY 5, 2011

    Carpenter Drilling has teamed up with Northwind Services LLC to provide pump installer services to CH2MHill.  We are tasked with installing grounding systems for pump installs site-wide on the Hanford reservation.

    JANUARY 4, 2011

    Carpenter Drilling has been awarded project by CH2MHill to drill and sample 8 wells in the 100-NR-2 area. These wells are to be used as a means of monitoring contamination within the vadose zone at 100-NR-1 and the groundwater system at 100-NR-2 within the Hanford site. Records of site lithology and specific sediment composition will be compiled into logs depicting geologic formations, units, and subunits located on the Hanford site grounds.

    Carpenter Drilling will assist in sample collection (groundwater and soil), construct and develop the new wells. At the completion of this project, these efforts will result in finished installation of eight characterization wells to investigate vadose zone, unconfined aquifer and, in two such wells, the Ringold Upper Mud and Ringold Unit B.

    NOVEMBER 11, 2010

    Carpenter Drilling has been awarded a project by CH2MHill to decommission 48 wells drilled in the 200-PO Groundwater Operable Unit (OU). Some of the wells are in areas with suspected chemical and/or radionuclide contamination of the vadose zone.

    AUGUST 8, 2010

    Carpenter Drilling has been awarded a project by CH2MHill to perform the drilling, construction, and to support associated development and sampling activities for four new wells. The wells are being installed to better define the contaminant distribution and groundwater flow in the 100-K Area.

    MAY 6, 2010

    Carpenter Drilling has been working with the Department of Energy and CH2M HILL for remediation work on the Hanford Plateau for the last 2 years. The experience we have gained working on a Superfund site has been invaluable. Because of our efforts we were nominated by our contractor as the Mid-Columbia Small Business of the year.

    APRIL 15, 2010

    CH2M HILL has recently awarded Carpenter Drilling a subcontract to provide pressure pulse method for well development and rehabilitation to increase well efficiency while limiting purge water volume and without the use of explosive techniques. We have teamed up with Kleinfelder to meet the needs of the work scope.

    APRIL 9, 2010

    CH2M HILL has recently awarded Carpenter Drilling a subcontract to construct 13 wells at the 100-KR-4 area of the Hanford (WA) remediation site. These 6" wells will be constructed as groundwater monitoring wells and range in depths from 120 to 250 feet. The scope also calls for heavy split spoon and water samples as the borehole is advanced.

    FEBRUARY 2, 2010

    CH2M HILL has recently awarded Carpenter Drilling a subcontract to construct 20 boreholes at the BC Cribs area of the Hanford remediation site. Ten of these holes will be constructed as uncased permanent instrumentation wells. The other ten will be constructed as PVC-cased permanent logging wells. The average depth of these wells will be 70 feet.

    OCTOBER 6, 2009

    CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company (CH2M HILL) recently awarded Carpenter Drilling and Nicholson a construction subcontract worth $330K for a jet injection test program at the U.S. Department of Energy’s 100N Area on the Hanford Site in Richland, Washington. The test program is expected to take approximately three weeks to complete.

    Using jet-grouting methods, Nicholson will construct three permeable reactive barrier test sections by injecting ground fishbone slurry, known as apatite, as well as a phosphate solution. Permeable reactive barriers in the 100N Area are being designed to protect the nearby Columbia River by sequestering and immobilizing strontium-90 in the soil and groundwater so it can safely decay in place.

    Fishbone and phosphate solutions will be injected using Nicholson's proprietary JETPLUS jet grouting system. The JETPLUS system minimizes hydraulic system losses to maximize energy and the efficiency of cutting. The JETPLUS system therefore can inject and treat larger volumes of soil with fewer pilot holes and does not have any of the negative consequences of the air injection used with the double or triple fluid jet grouting systems.

    After the performance of the test sections, CH2M HILL has the option to award Carpenter Drilling and Nicholson an additional scope valued at approximately $4.5M to construct a 2,500-foot-long permeable reactive barrier along the Columbia River using either the fishbone or phosphate solution.


    Carpenter Drilling is focused on Safety Excellence. We are focused on eliminating the number of workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities, and we achieve this excellence with our Health and Safety Department. Carpenter Drilling has robust Health & Safety policy and procedures. All staff are involved in training and in our proactive accident prevention systems. This is what is setting Carpenter Drilling apart from our competitors and helping our clients achieve and maintain safety excellence through leadership and practical tools.


    Our staff is used to working on highly regulated projects and they have the ability to work as a team. Carpenter Drilling has completed 13 successful contracts on the Hanford Site in Richland, Washington in the past 4 years including:

    - Alaska
    - Vadose Investigation
    - Monitoring Wells
    - Extraction Wells
    - Permanent Instrumentation Wells
    - Logging Wells


    Our well maintenance team has the know how on how to get the best results from your well. They have the tools needed to recover flow and the ability to restore and often improve the capacity of wells.